Sunday, August 13, 2006

Finally, a progress shot

As promised, here are some shots of my finished FLAK back.

My original plan was to use moss stitch/double seed stitch as the filler, but then I saw a cable pattern in one of Elsebeth Lavold's books that I liked. The repeat fits in with the other cables, and the gauge is about the same as the filler stitch, so I went with it. (It's the cable on the left) I'm happy with how the back turned out, and I've been trying very hard to remember to check the cables at the end of every row. The stitch markers really help me keep track of the cables, so I haven't made too many mistakes.

I've started the front, but I can't go too far before I have to figure out how to fit the short rows into the cables. Kelly at Cloverhill told me she'd help me, so I'll have to go up there soon. It seems like every class I take is taught by her, and I'm glad. She explains the mechanics of things very clearly, and tells you why you are doing something, so you really understand the process. I took a class on short rows from her recently, and took my FLAK with me. She seemed really pleased at how well I was doing with cables. I told her I couldn't have done it without her, and it's true. She demystified cables and gave me the courage to do something as advanced as the FLAK.

I went to Ollie's for the first time yesterday. I'd heard about it from Mom, so stopped in to check it out. $150 later, I left with a whole cart full of stuff! That place has all kinds of stuff, from sheets to hair dye to carpeting to drills to slot machines! I got a new set of glasses for $14, to replace my 20-year old set that is missing about half. I got some things for Xmas gifts, and a bunch of little things like extension cords and shower cleaner. My big score was a large Scunci steamer for $30, and it included a Swiffer-like mop set. Apparently, people use the steamers to clean things--who've thought? Hey, maybe I'll try steam-cleaning my shower! Nah.


Marguerite said...

Beautiful color, meticulous knitting, and very interesting filler stitch - I like it!

Thanks for posting the pictures. It's so much fun to see what others are doing with their FLAK.

Lolly said...

Ollie's is a big hit around my parents' house - I think my dad, Mr. Bargain, is there every weekend! :)

It was great to meet you last night! Hope to see you at the next knit nite too!


Coleen said...

It was great to meet you last night! I'm so glad you finally found us!

Heather said...

I like Ollies...I just forget where it is until I pass it! confused. Sounds like a good buy! That place has everything!

It was great to meet you!