Sunday, September 10, 2006

No witty title today

Lots to talk about today...

I finally found the Monday knitting group (would it kill the people in Columbia to put up some signs so you can actually find Panera bread?!?) and have been to a couple of the knit nights. They're a fun group, and this Monday, Amie helped me figure out how to graft the straps for this:

Melinda at Tess Yarns hired me to knit samples for her, and this is the first one. It's the Honeymoon Cami from, and I knitted it in microfiber ribbon. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but grafting the straps was a bitch. I must have done each strap 6 or 7 times before I got them presentable. The ribbon is so slippery that the stitches in the previous row slide around and get misshapen, so I just did the best I could. I hope Melinda likes it well enough to have me do more for her, because she pays me in yarn...

...which will come in handy, since I went to Parkville last weekend to see my friend Lisa's new baby, and she wants me to knit her another blanket like the one I did for the shower. Baby Georgia (although her parents call her Beach House, since now they won't be getting one) is one month old already, and what a little cutie she is!

Lisa and Mark told me that Georgia likes to be swaddled, but Teeny Houdini keeps wiggling out of all the blankets except mine. Lisa called it (ahem) the Miracle Blanket. That's it in the picture of Georgia, and here are some pictures with really bad color that I can't seem to fix:

The colors in the closeup of Georgia are more accurate--they're bright primary colors with navy blue stripes. I got the instructions from one of Mary Walker's books, and was really pleased, because for once, something turned out just like I had imagined it would. I've ordered the yarn for the new blanket, and it will be Peach Melba (bright peach, fuschia, raspberry, and purple) with dark purple stripes. I think that will be pretty for a little girl.

Yesterday, I knitted a Mason-Dixon Dishcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

I'm going to knit two for Xmas for my grandmother, who lives in an assisted-living place and has trouble holding things. I am going to put a bar of soap inside and knit an i-cord cord to gather it like they showed in the book. That way, she should be able to hold it better than a bar of soap when she takes her showers. I might knit a couple for my mom and Amy, too. I also saw the Garterlac dishcloths on this blog, so I will probably throw a couple of them in the mix, too. I took an entrelac class at Cloverhill last year, so it won't take me long to do them. I'm one of those weirdos who likes to knit entrelac, so any excuse will do.

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Javajem said...

Hi! The cami came out beautifully. I bet the yarn shop will love it.

I just finished a log cabin baby blanket for a friend of mine - and she loved it. I may have to try your pattern for her next one.

It was great to meet you last week!