Monday, February 27, 2006

Crossing the finish line

Well, I did it! I finished my Knitting Olympics project last night during the closing ceremony. The tam looks pretty good, but now that it's dry enough to try on it feels a little big, so I put in back in the washer to try to felt it some more. I knitted all evening Saturday, and might have finished then, but I was putting too many plain rows between the decrease rows--a knitted dunce's cap just isn't a good look for me--so I frogged about 2/3 of the hat and started again. Hopefully, I can post a picture soon. (Still no USB cable. Apparently no Cingular store in the area has had the brilliant idea that if they're out of them, maybe they should order some.)

It's been really cool to be part of something like this. We've been getting a lot of press for something that started as a mention on someone's blog. Somebody said they even saw something about it in Time magazine! Congratulations to all 4000 knitters who entered, even those who didn't finish. To quote that woman on Seinfeld, "We're all winners!"

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