Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Olympics start tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the start of the Olympics (knitting and regular). I listened to an interview with Stephanie about the Knitting Olympics, and it's kind of neat to be able to be part of something like that. I know there are at least 3000 participants, which is 600 more than regular Olympians. I told my mom about it, and after her initial skepticism, she thought it was a great idea. Too bad she doesn't knit.

I am planning to knit the Urban Necessities tam from and felt or full it. I like the shape of the hat, but want it to have more body. I'm using some mottled denimy blue Araucania Nature Wool I bought at AC Moore. The pattern gauge is 21st/4", and my yarn is 18st/4", so some adjustments may have to be made. I haven't swatched, but I think I will just knit the pattern as it's written and run it through the washer until it fits. If not, I'm only out five bucks (yay, 40% off coupons!) and an Olympic medal.

I finally got a new cell phone, one with a camera, so once I figure out how to get pictures from the phone to my computer, I will be able to post shots of my progress. This was the second phone I ordered. I ordered the first one from two weekends ago. The phone was free, and they said they would swich my number from the old phone to the new. When I checked my email a couple days later, there was one from them saying that I had to verify my order before they could ship it. I called the number, and much to my surprise, the woman I talked to told me that there would be a fee of $244.95 to switch the number over, plus the $36 activation fee. I almost fell off my chair! I asked her why Cingular did it for free the last time I got a phone, and she said that it was the way they did things. Bastards. I told her to cancel the order, and went to to get a phone. Guess what the fee was to switch the number? That's right--ZERO. All I had to pay was an $18 phone upgrade fee. So now I have a nice new phone to play with, and $262.95 in my pocket.

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