Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Strange happenings

Last Tuesday, Valentine's Day, I didn't leave work until 6:30, and on the way home, I decided to stop for Mexican on the way home. It was packed, and I didn't feel like waiting, so I decided to sit at the bar and eat. I don't usually do that, because how desperate is that? Sitting at the bar alone? On Valentine's Day? Hey, I was hungry. While I was eating, these two guys came in and sat down one seat away. One was average looking, but the other one was really handsome. We started talking, then Cute Guy suggested I scoot over into the empty chair. I'd had a Margarita, so hey, I'll talk to just about anybody, so scoot I did. The three of us were just talking and laughing, and Cute Guy was sitting so his knee would bump against mine, and when one of us said something funny, he would sort of lean against my arm with that little nudge you give someone when you're flirting with them. Average Guy was nice and talked some, but he was also watching the basketball game on TV, so it was mostly me and Cute Guy talking.

Around 9:00, I figured I should get going. Cute Guy asked if I wanted one of them to walk me to my car, and I said sure, even though my car was about 20 feet from the door (see mention of Margarita drinking above). Cute Guy asked Average Guy if he wanted to walk me to my car, and he said "No, you go ahead." So Cute Guy and I walk out to my car, and he hugs me and says how it was nice to meet me, then starts making out with me! Well, that was kind of a surprise, but I went with it. (See, guys at that level of looks don't usually pay much attention to me, so I was busy thinking "A good-looking guy is kissing me! Me, who hardly gets a second look from the really cute ones!" Yes, I am still in junior high school, why do you ask?) Then he stopped kissing me and said why don't we sit in my car for a little while. I said no, that I should go, so he said "OK, see ya later," and left! I sort of scratched my head for a minute and wondered what that was all about, then I just shrugged and drove home.

Now, my first thought when I saw two men eating dinner together on Valentine's Day was that they might be gay (not that there's anything wrong with that-tm Jerry Sinefeld). Before we all started talking, I heard Cute Guy say something about Brokeback Mountain, but that could have meant any number of things. And they didn't act like they were anything more than friends. But when I saw his shoes, I really started to wonder. They were way too fashionable for a straight man--sort of square-toed and Italian-looking. But since I don't think fast on my feet or when I've had a Margarita (see above), I couldn't think of a way to ask what was the scoop without being obvious. The whole thing was strange on so many levels. First, if they were together in a more than friendly way, why did Cute Guy kiss me like he did? And if he is straight, why did he walk away without asking me for my number or giving me his? After I thought about it I realized that he didn't say anything especially flirtatious, yet he kept making contact with his knee or arm. And what was with the whole charade of asking Average Guy if he wanted to walk me to my car, when Cute Guy was the one talking to me all night? I just don't know what was going on, not that that's so unusual for me. Now, I know I haven't dated in a few (OK, five) years, but have things changed that much? Maybe I need to take some kind of class or something.

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