Sunday, February 05, 2006

You think I was kidding about tinking?

I was working on my cable swatch for FLAK today, and I was on row 10 of my second 12-row repeat when I noticed that I had miscrossed a cable 4 rows back. I decided to try laddering it down and using DPNs to fix it, like some people on the FLAK list suggested. Well, I made such a mess that I decided to frog back to the mistake, pick the stitches back up, and continue. That was fine in theory, but it's hard to find a good spot to pick up cables, and I pulled some more stitches out, so I ended up frogging back more like all 10 rows of the second repeat.

I was in the middle of picking the stitches back up when my mom called to say that they were coming back from Timonium, and did I mind if they stopped by in 30 minues? Of course, I couldn't say no without a good reason, so I said yes. A mad scramble ensued as I tried to make the place presentable. I had knitting stuff lying all over the sofa except where I sit, magazines here, there and everywhere, you get the drift. Yes, I confess: I am a slob. When my parents showed up 25 minutes later, I was red and panting from my mad decluttering. They wanted to go out to eat, and when we went out to the parking lot, I found out the real reason they wanted to stop by--my mom bought a new Cadillac yesterday. I still think of Cadillacs as a old man's car, but she seems to like it.

So now, I'm back, and I'm going to spend the evening drinking wine, watching "Jaws" on A&E, picking my swatch stitches back up and and trying to figure out what row I'm on. Such an exciting life...

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